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Zetron radio dispatch, call-taking, paging and remote-monitoring systems can be used to centralize and simplify the management of communications throughout a college campus or other large facility.
Following are examples of the ways in which Zetron products facilitate the management of such operations

  • Wireless communications can be used to transmit instructions, receive status information, identify problems, address security issues, respond to emergencies, and manage resources.
  • Radios and pagers can be used to manage maintenance and other work crews.
  • SCADA and telemetry systems provide automated, around-the-clock surveillance and can set off alarms if there is a security breach, fire, or other incident that could cause loss of property or life.

Zetron Products Used at Colleges and Large Facilities
Zetron products used to manage operations on college campuses and at other large facilities include:

For a complete list of Zetron products, see Products.

For more information about which Zetron products would best meet your operational requirements, contact your regional Zetron office. (See the contact information below.)


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